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The Hidden House

March 23, 2010

The property, which can only be accessed via a half-mile unpaved road, offers expansive views of the city but seems a world away from Los Angeles at the same time.   Standard, a Los Angeles based architectural firm, designed the Hidden House, located in the Mount Washington/Glassell Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.  The addition /renovation takes the original 2 bedroom cottage and converts it into a modern, sustainable residential solution.  I love how it fits into the landscape and blurs the line between the indoors and outdoors.



The Banyan Treehouse

March 18, 2010

Rockefeller Partners Architects have designed a guesthouse/studio that resembles a treehouse.  Located on a high eastern-facing ridge with views downtown Los Angeles in the distance, the Banyan Treehouse is a sanctuary.  I love how this small space feels like a retreat from the world while having both great design and comforts of the modern age.


Ballymahon Farmhouse

March 11, 2010

Dublin based ODOS Architects have designed a restoration and extension for this farmhouse in the town of Ballymahon, Ireland.  I love the clean simple modern spaces and the basic use of materials.  The addition is a well designed contrast to the existing stone farmhouse.


The Margoliouth House

March 9, 2010

The Margoliouth House is a project where the architects at DLab provided a modern redesign for an existing two-story bungalow in Singapore.  Again a beautiful home that has very clean lines and materials.  While every view is either framed or it leads you through a visual layering of spaces that request your presence.  The physical connection to the outdoors makes this home feel much larger that it really is.


The Ross Street House

March 3, 2010

A very clean modern home design on a tight lot.  Carol Richard, founding partner of the Atlanta-based architecture firm Richard Wittschiebe Hand, has designed her own home in Madison, Wisconsin.  The use of materials are simple and well places.  Even the simple use of color adds a lot to the overall visual context.


Nice Exterior in Buenos Aires

March 1, 2010

Buenos Aires studio Guillermo Radovich Arquitecto have wrapped an existing brick house in Buenos Aires in a band of modern white concrete. What’s even nicer is that it’s a great example of what to do with that residential front lawnscape and bring some design continuity to the entire project, something often overlooked.  The breaks in the concrete allow rainwater to permeate into the soil, as well as offering a visual break.  If this is a driveway, a good sub-grade reinforcing and higher strength concrete would be suggested.  The misalignment of the edges adds a great textural “toothing” of the green and the white.  Brilliant.

More information and images at Dezeen

The Long Barn Studio

February 28, 2010

I know our focus is modern residential but considering how much time we spend at the office this architect’s office would be my second home.  The Bedfordshire office Nicolas Tye Architects set about building this new studio for themselves when the company outgrew a space in the director’s home.  And what an office.  I would love to work in this environment.